Thursday, February 7, 2008

The effects on the post election violence

Dear Kenyans and all concerned people of the world,

All us know the destruction of property and the loss of life that visited Kenya after the 27th December 2007 General elections.

I don't want to delve into the details since you might have heard and read all these in the local and international dailies both in the print and electronic media.

But my question is just one: for how long can this go on? For sure, it is precisely one month and one week since the violence started here in Kenya and all of us, Kenyans and non-Kenyans living in Kenya, have felt the heat. The prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed: fuel is on all the time high, milk is going up on a daily basis, bread is just climbing ... what shall we do?

It seems like the only string holding us(Kenyans) together is the mediation that is ongoing, chaired by the former UN Secretary General, Mr Koffi Annan. I foresee a situation where if the mediation fails, Kenya collapsing.

But the question I am humbly asking all of us, where is God and is He concerned about the life of a young child being snubbed out in somewhere in Kericho? I believe He is. But He is just standing and watching? I don't believe so. So what He is doing? We might be tempted to ask. I pray that Kenya can turn to Him for help: any help from Him is all that we need now NOT analysis of the elections. We all know what happened after the elections. We want to get out of this situation and the only 'person' who can give us that highly desired solution - to all parties - is only Him (maybe through somebody).

I hope and pray that Kenyans can turn to the one who understands their pain, their loss; who mourns with them and who comforts an ailing soul- the comfort of a father only a son knows and feels the warmth of his father wrapping his arms around a forlorn son.

Kenyans, please let us turn to God for only Him can solve our crisis! Please!