Friday, October 8, 2010

How God fits into the equation of your life

How does God fit into the equation in a techies' daily life? From experience and observation, most techies relegate God to the back seat as they take the front seat of their lives. But is this the ideal scenario? Definitely not.

I ask myself questions like: how the sun rise, passes overhead ( without falling on me!), goes 'under' and in the morning I expect it to be up, lighting my room - just to inform me that it is morning wake, that is if I'm not up! These things and many others, I have no answers and no scientist is yet to convince me that this is physics at play! If not God at play, then surely there is another mighty force somewhere out there 'pulling strings' on our lives. I will be very interested to know who or what controls the 'mighty force'.. The force of gravity is our creation with the help of mathematicians and physicists. But who created the force of gravity before 'it was discovered'? What remaining to be discovered yet? The other day, scientists 'discovered a number of new species' in Papua Guinnea! These animals or insects or whatever we can call them, have been in existence before they were 'busted' in they serene environment.

So to me some things don't add up and I know that I'm yet to discover what God created in me and in the whole world. What about you? My readers you are the judge.
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