Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joining the Internet Society

We need to shape the future and direction of the Internet. We can only do so by joining a global body like the Internet Society to be able to put our case across.

However, I'm rather disappointed to realize that the society does not have have a Kenyan Chapter may be because we don't have the numbers. We need to register, as Kenyans, both locally and from the diaspora, to be able to form vibrant local chapter which can handle 'internet' matters concerning Kenya and our beloved country.

It should be noted that 'young' countries like Rwanda have a local chapter. What does this mean to us? That Rwanda is technologically ahead of us? I don't know but it seems like it is. We need to do something for ourselves and this can be the opportunity.

Register yourselves at https://portal.isoc.org/EBusiness/NewMemberStepOne.aspx?refid=xd1371053hf to shape the future of this very important resource.

I look forward to seeing you onboard soon.
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