Friday, October 23, 2009

Implications of Oracle buying sun on MySQL

Oracle is finally buying Sun Microsystems Limited that recently bought MySQL open source database . What are the implications to the open source enthusiasts if Oracle decides to drop MySQL database in favour of their very expensive Oracle, from their offerings? Personally, I will be very opposed to such a move: the relevant authorities should not allow this to happen.

MySQL database is the leading open source database at the moment and who ever is using MySQL is not ready to pay a penny for an expensive software like Oracle's. As Richard argues in the linked in article, we cannot afford to lose MySQL database to Oracle for any reason whatsoever.

Probably, we can create a movement to stop such move.

I have created a poll on Linkedin which might help to get the feedback of other professionals. Please click on this link to vote and as well see the thoughts of your colleagues. (copy and paste it to your browser).

Even the antitrust authorities are not taking the whole thing kindly: check the Economist on
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