Friday, April 24, 2009

Oracle buying Sun Microsystems Limited!

Just check this article in the Economist:

Oracle has made a bid of $7.4 billion to purchase Sun. What does this portend to your business? Remember recently Sun purchased MySQL - the leading open source RDBMS. Now Oracle is purchasing Sun and hence MySQL! And as you know Oracle leads in the database RDBMS. So the question is: is Oracle going to trash MySQL? Very likely since MySQL has been competing with the expensive Oracle. Then what are the implications of this? Many and varied and have far reaching consequences.

I really feel bad from within me. I don't think this purchase proposal should be let to continue. It flies on the face of fair business practices: these guys will supply the server, the OS and the business software! I'm not against an integrated company but not this deal.

Your comments though, are welcome.
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